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Some of these files are rather large.  Please be patient while they open or download.

Friday January 23rd

Overview of the Biopsychosocial Model of the Disease of Addiction – Burns M. Brady, MD, FASAM

Detox – Then What? – Greg Jones, MD (Updated 1-23-09)

Changes in Addiction Treatment – The Good, Bad and the Indifferent – Paul Earley, MD, FASAM (Updated 1-23-09)

Depression and Addiction Treatment: Fingers of the Hand – Omar Manejwala, MD

PTSD: The Next Level – Phil Herndon, MA

Relapse Prevention and Monitoring Brian Fingerson, RPh

Spaghetti Junction: The Intersections of Anger Management, AOD Abuse & Domestic Violence – Matthew Veroff, LCSW CANCELLED due to illness

Eating Disorders: The MOTHER of All Addiction – Tennie McCarty, LCDC, ADC III, CEDC


Saturday January 24th

The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous Burns M. Brady, MD, FASAM (Updated 1-24-09)

Substance Abuse And The Elderly- Patrick Murphy, MD

Family Interactions – Margaret Jarvis, MD (Updated 1-19-09 at 8:30pm)

Here’s How It Works :- Quinn Chipley, MA, MD

Opioids and Chronic Benign Pain: A Different Perspective – William Witt, MD

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: An Invisible Disability – Donna Wiesenhahn, M.ED and Laura Nagle, BA